Inspiring Exterior Architectural Designs for a Retail Space

The Creperie Front of Retail/Restaurant Building

Article by: Skylar Ross

Do you own a commercial property? More specifically, do you own a retail location? If so, then you will most likely be interested in designing the building to match the emotions, values, and ideals attached to your specific brand. Creating a synthesized image between the products you sell and the physical locations where you sell them can influence consumers to visit your shop. This influence is mostly attributed to the idea that consumers like to feel like they are a part of a unique community. Valuing inclusivity, consumers often subconsciously are attracted to exterior architectural designs that complement the overall brands they consume. 

The following architectural designs are great ideas that can be implemented among your overall retail space. Focusing on the exterior space of your retail building, you will want to ask yourself these three questions frequently while designing: Are these decisions attractive to my brand’s particular audience? Do these decisions align with the values and ideals attached to my brand? And, will these design ideas continue to support my brand as it evolves? 

Choosing the Perfect Windows

The windows you choose to implement in your overall exterior design will have a drastic effect on the effectiveness of your retail space. Will your business benefit from large open windows that show off your products, or is your brand represented more by tinted windows that evoke feelings of wonder and mystery? Large open windows work great for retail shops in high traffic areas where walkers or drivers can view the products your shop sells. 

Opt for a Trendy Front Door

Trendy front doors have been becoming more and more popular in recent years among retail businesses. These doors often feature elaborate designs and hardware that align with the particular brands they provide access to. Brands that sell natural products or are promoting sustainability may want to utilize a wooden front door that elicits earth tones and natural sentiments. However, a more modern clothing brand may want to opt for a front door manufactured out of industrial materials like steel or fiberglass. 

Top Floor Balcony

If your retail space is two or more stories the addition of a top floor balcony can go a long way at creating a luxury retail environment. A top floor balcony can be used to promote sale items or new arrivals that your business has started to offer to its consumers. However, no matter what you choose to use your top floor balcony for this space will certainly elevate your brand’s status and elegance. If you choose to construct a top floor balcony in your retail space it is important to include safety features such as handrails and balcony fences. 

Flower Beds and Planters

Similar to the curb appeal you may wish to obtain with your personal residence, you may also want to apply these elements to your retail space. Professional landscaping can go a long way in terms of creating an inventing storefront that urges consumers to introduce themselves to your brand and products. Flower beds can often be implemented into the overall architectural design of a building’s exterior. Retail locations in a more urban environment without the space for flower beds can choose to hang flower baskets or construct flower planters. 

Catchy Graphics and Logos

Last but certainly not least, every retail space can benefit from catchy graphics and logos built into the architectural design of a building. Metal siding and solid exterior walls are great at displaying a company’s graphics and logos. Retail businesses looking to attract customers at all times of the day may also want to install lights or other fixtures built into the exterior architectural design of their storefront. Other features such as architectural grilles can also influence the overall exterior aesthetic of a retail space. 

In summary, there are a variety of exterior designs businesses can implement into the overall architecture of their retail space in order to attract customers. These design elements include top floor balconies, various window designs, and the occasional front door upgrade. Overall, if you own a retail space you should remember to implement design ideas that align with your brand’s values, message, and aesthetic.


Skylar Ross is a contributor to Innovative Building Materials. He is a blogger and content writer for the architecture industry. Skylar is focused on helping architects and building designers discover new techniques, find ways to save on costs and discover new modern innovative materials to use in their next project.