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CASCO has over 40 years of experience working in the industrial environment and, as a result, understands the unique requirements of these facilities. Our team’s direct coordination with equipment vendors and familiarity with the various types of construction options available provide a value-added service to our clients. We handle the extraordinary building and life safety code issues that arise due to the nature of these types of buildings and assist the client in meeting any challenges that occur during development.

International Paper Industrial Paper Machine

International Paper

Our history is deeply rooted in the industrial sector, working with pulp and paper industry giants International Paper, commonly known as IP, Tri-Wall Containers, Mead Containers, Corrugated Paper Company, Burrows Paper, and others.

Our program support of IP facilities began in 1980 and continues today. The project scope ranges from facility expansions and modifications of existing facilities to plan creation and permit/bid support of new ground-up facilities.

Exterior of Personalization Mall
Bolingbrook, IL

Personalization Mall

The project’s accelerated schedule required specially engineered systems and a highly coordinated partnership between the owner, design team, and contractor using European-manufactured equipment. The existing building required upgrades to the roof system, a new HVAC system, a conveyor roof, floor support with a pick-module sorting and delivery system, a clean printing room, and various manufacturing specialty areas.

Exterior rendering of Syntrax Protein Supplements
Cape Girardeau, MO

SIO3 (Syntrax) Protein Supplements

The concrete tilt wall construction facility provides 6,000 SF of general office space, 8,000 SF of production area, and 50,000 SF of warehouse space within a single building. This production area was designed to meet clean room standards required by the FDA. Within the production area, flooring and wall systems were coated with epoxy to keep minimal maintenance of the building components. The production systems utilize electrical equipment and compressed air for operations. The warehouse area design is completed with food storage criteria and is fully air-conditioned.

Interior warehouse of Michelin Tire
Louisville, KY

Michelin Tire

Our team constructed the main warehouse with tilt-up concrete wall panels with steel joists and girders.

Also, we constructed the secondary building of tilt-up concrete panels for the walls and roofs. This building included a guardhouse, drive-through canopies, a fire pump house, a 240,000-gallon water storage holding tank, and a new rail spur. The remainder of the space developed into an office/meeting and pallet storage of synthetic rubber.

Interior warehouse of Bed Bath & Beyond Refrigeration Center
Isle of Wright, VA

Bed Bath & Beyond Refrigeration Center

Our team designed and retrofitted a refrigeration room to preserve chocolate candies in an existing 2,000,000 SF distribution warehouse. This design focused on utilizing industry-standard food storage criteria and fully conditioned by adapting conventional rooftop packaged air conditioning units, providing artificially low supply air temperature, providing a continuous zone temperature and humidity of 67 degrees Fahrenheit maximum at 50% Rh. The lead 5-ton circuit for each of the four (4) 20-ton rooftop systems was equipped with a suction-activated and metered desuperheated hot gas bypass controller to provide low temperature/pressure evaporator performance using bypass desuperheated refrigerant with defrost control adjustment, all without creating internal oil starvation & excessive high compressor discharge temperatures. The systems operate at normal OEM design conditions but with a continuous supply air discharge temperature of 48 degrees Fahrenheit.

Interior of warehouse at Bed Bath & Beyond Distribution Center
Las Vegas, NV

Bed Bath & Beyond Distribution Center

Our team retrofitted an existing e-commerce distribution center located in North Las Vegas. We provided the facility with a product pick module, management offices, and three 10,000 firewall-separated specialty rooms. The specialty rooms included containment of high pile combustible aerosols, fast seal overhead doors, combustible non-aerosol alcohol-based products, and a fully air-conditioned specialties commodities room with a required temperature of 62 degrees Fahrenheit. We made corrections that demanded reestablishing a floor finish suitable for forklift traffic using the latest industry-available technology and products.

Exterior of Kroger Distribution Center
Roanoke, VA

Kroger Distribution Center

This project consisted of an addition to the 32-degree shipping dock within an operational 600,000 SF freezer. The dock was required to remain active throughout construction; therefore the project was designed and constructed in two phases. The design process was accelerated to ensure that the active dock construction, from permit issue to completion was finished in 6 months.

Interior of warehouse at Rooms To Go - Deliver Center
Lebanon, TN

Rooms To Go – Delivery Center

The development and construction for the fit-up and façade renovation of a never-occupied stand-alone tilt-up concrete warehouse building for use as a delivery center and outlet store. Our team worked closely with our partners in design, facilities, and construction departments over the 2-year duration of this project. The exterior work included improving the building’s appearance and providing branding for viewing by commuters driving past the facility on Interstate Highway I-840.

It involves an addition of curvilinear canopies, pilasters, and an elevated sign feature along the 1,584-foot-long west façade. The west façade provided truck access points, 49 new dock openings, and levelers. It incorporated the addition into the building to the 104 that existed.

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