Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

With electric vehicles becoming more popular in recent years, we have started seeing many electric vehicle charging stations (EVCS) popping up everywhere. Our team has partnered with Lane Valente Industries to design and install charging stations across the country.

The diversity at CD Companies allows us to offer a broad range of design tools and networking for anyone looking to install their own charging station. We work with manufacturers such as ChargePoint, Tesla, Clipper Creek, and more. This past year we’ve been rapidly growing our network of manufacturers and installers, and we’re excited to announce we recently became partners with the Ameren Missouri EVP program, which gives us the opportunity to offer affordable design and incentives for those looking to invest in the future.

Our team has been responsible for major installs in locations such as the Tesla Center in Berkley, CA. Lion’s Head Village in the scenic Rocky Mountains, and we are currently working on an exciting new project with FreeWire out of San Leandro, CA. installing a charger that will be the first of its kind, offering an impressive 480 mile charge in the matter of one hour.

If you’re interested in partnering with us for your next electric vehicle charging station project, feel free to send us an email at info@cascocorp.com.