Congratulations Levi Hausman, CASCO + R|5’s newest EDG Chairman!

The Edg "What Is It?" graphic

What is the EDG?

Levi Hausman has been practicing architecture since 2007 and has been with CASCO + R|5 since 2008. Having begun as an entry level employee at CASCO + R|5, Levi’s dedication and commitment over the past 10 years to the firm and its clients has earned him the role of EDG Chairman.

The EDG(Employee Discussion Group) serves as a cross-section of the disciplines within our company of professionals who are motivated to discuss and collaborate on opportunities for improving our company’s culture and identity. Members of the EDG serve as the voice of our company’s employees and work closely with CASCO + Rǀ5 leadership to bring concerns and ideas for potential growth and improvement of productivity to their attention. The purpose of EDG is to serve as a conduit for community outreach for CASCO + Rǀ5 by organizing events and extracurricular activities to promote interactivity within the company as well as the community while serving the dual purpose of bringing personality to our company.

Congratulations Levi Hausman on your continued growth and success. May today’s success be the start of tomorrow’s achievements.