What is R|5?

In 2018 CASCO Diversified re-branded as CASCO + R|5. The new name reflects our collaborative, full suite of architecture, engineering, civil engineering and design services.  One of the most common questions we receive about our new branding is “Who or what is R|5”? The R|5 team is the design studio within CASCO + R|5 and is led by Design Principal S. Aleksandr Malinich who brings over 30 years of award-winning, international design and architecture experience. R|5 was launched 3 years ago to compliment our architecture and engineering services and provides an even greater depth of expertise and experience to support and grow our far reaching client and market base. To understand more about their unique approach, read on:

“ R|5 is an acronym which defines our collaborative process and the core philosophy, through which we realize our designs”.  -S. Aleksandr Malinich


R|5 is a multi-disciplinary design studio operating in the fields of commercial, residential design and research. Our company touches a variety of physical environments, including site master planning, hospitality, restaurant, dwelling, workplace, luxury and specialty retail, as well as shopping centers, mixed-use properties, and exhibit design. We are a team of like-minded individuals within a studio culture that strives to better our clients’ lives and brands through meaningful design, creating societal value beyond brief and client.

Vicia Restaurant Interior


We accept assignments encompassing a wide range of scales. R|5 excels by integrating the designed environment into the social and economic fabric of the city. We implement a threefold strategy – 1: that is exploratory and intuitive, 2: providing thorough research, analysis and professional accountability and 3: the partnering of exceptionally gifted individuals and artisans, bringing their various talents and abilities to our projects.

Nature's Care

To find out more about R|5 and see some of their work in greater detail, visit our sister site: R|5 Design