What is a “Video Eyebrow”?

CASCO + R|5 Video Eyebrow

CASCO + R|5’s new lobby is described by Design Director S. Aleksandr Malinch as, “a modern yet inviting entry experience for our clients and staff. We infused raw materials with the warmth of wood within the building’s existing industrial masonry walls, polished concrete floors and exposed steel structure.” Set within the steel wall is a “video eyebrow” to provide a nuanced introduction to our services. The eight screen display provides a continually evolving digital canvas and was a collaboration between the CASCO + R|5 design team, Nanonation and MindActive.

Nanonation offers world-class solutions in digital signage and interactive kiosks. Their software running on our screens is powerful and intuitive. MindActive is our web development agency and responsible for our new website. Their video production team designed and developed the initial graphics and video that spans all eight screens.

The “video eyebrow” welcomes our visitors with natural scenes and animations, while also offering a digital portfolio showcasing our newest designs. We invite you to come by and see it for yourself.