Top Fundraising teams for KIDstruction!

This past August, BJC Healthcare held its annual campaign, KIDstruction Week, to raise money for St. Louis Children’s Hospital. KIDstruction Week is an opportunity that asks the Saint Louis regional architecture, engineering and construction firms to come together to support the mission of St. Louis Children’s Hospital: “to do what’s right for kids.” The campaign asks employees to donate $1 for every hour worked during a week in August…. We decided to do things a little differently.

EDG, a committee of volunteers from CASCO + R|5 combined forces and came up with an array of fun ideas to help raise money throughout the entire month of August. This year, we did a casual day each week where employees would dress down in a nice pair of jeans. We held a ping-pong tournament during lunch, sold raffle tickets for different themed baskets and had a scavenger hunt where employees were asked to hunt down different locations around the Maplewood area. We also sold water balloons to be thrown at department and project managers and had a potluck! During the month of festivities, CASCO + R|5 asked employees who wanted to participate for a monetary donation.  At the close of August, CASCO + R|5 was able to raise $6,109 in total! All the money donated went to  to help the Guardians Fund at St. Louis Children’s Hospital.

Thank you KIDstruction for the recognition as one of the top Medium-Size Fundraising Teams for 2018! Looking forward to new ways to give back and get more involved in our local Saint Louis Community!

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