“Saint Louis isn’t just a city: It’s a dream laboratory”

Southwest Airlines Magazine October edition features an in-depth profile of St. Louis. Writer, Miles Howard was sent to St. Louis over the summer to research our beloved city and write an in-depth profile for the magazine’s series, “Cities You’re Missing.” Southwest Airlines has made the magazine available for download. To view, click here.

Within the 10-page story, Howard mentions many St. Louis destinations including the Gateway Arch, Union Station, Forest Park and the Muny. Of the many extraordinary attractions and experiences St. Louis has to offer,  he mentions visiting award-winning restaurants, Vicia and Sardella.  As CASCO + R|5 served as the Architect on both award-winning destinations, we were delighted to be included in the Magazines October edition!

Howard states, “Finding out that an airline magazine is going to drop you into a city for four days to eat, drink, and explore is pretty much the call that a writer dreams of receiving. I flew out to St. Louis expecting decadence—which you can certainly find there!—But the gregarious nature of the people I met and the creativity of their shared endeavors elevated this story into something better than a narrative of traveler’s consumerism. What I learned is that St. Louis isn’t just a city: It’s a dream laboratory.”

This project put St. Louis right in front if millions of Southwest Airlines’ passengers during the month of the October and served as a great opportunity for St. Louis to demonstrate our energy, vitality and our assets that make us a destination spot for more than 25 million visitors a year.

Miles Howard is a writer, editor and communications consultant for many publications including, CNN, NBC, NPR and Los Angeles Times.