October Spotlight is on Mark Maurer!

Mark is a Senior Landscape Architect and a key component of our CASCO and CASCO Civil teams.  He earned his Bachelor of Landscape Architecture from Kansas State University and is currently registered in 5 key states.  He has achieved over 33 years of experience in the industry and has worked in all realms of the landscape field.  His client base has run from residential homes, to parks, to hotels, to commercial buildings to office complexes.  Mark is involved with all aspects of projects spanning from project inception to project management, design and plan and specification production to inspection and oversite of landscape work. He has taken ideas and turned them into working construction documents, achieving the clients desires while staying within budget constraints.

  • What has been your favorite project at CASCO?

It was probably the first landscape plan that I was able to sign and seal.  It was for a Home Depot store and it was about 5 trees, which were all planted crooked.  But it was still exciting to use the seal that I had worked so hard to attain.

  • What have you gained from working at CASCO?  

Confidence and perseverance.  The confidence to do many different and challenging things.  And the perseverance to keep trying when the results don’t come easy.

  • If you could have any super power, what would it be?

To be able to fly like Superman or have super strength like Thor or to self-heal like Wolverine.

  • What aspect of your role do you enjoy the most? 

The freedom to make my own choices and also to work with many different clients, which enables me to work on many various aspects of design and construction.

  • What is something you would like to learn to do?

Sign language and play the drums, both of which fascinate me.