CASCO + R|5 Holiday Party 2019

We recently had our annual CASCO + R|5 holiday party at the beautiful Four Seasons Hotel St. Louis. This year’s party was very special for several reasons, but mostly because of our many wonderful employees. With delicious appetizers, entertaining music and a spectacular view, our team had a great time.

This year our company has had a lot to celebrate. This has been a huge year of growth for us, with many new employees hired. We’ve also expanded into new markets that we’re very excited to pursue in the coming year.

We’re very proud of all our employees who have helped build our company for many years. Along with service awards, every year we also give out “The Alberts Awards” and “It’s a Team Sport Awards” to a few outstanding employees who are hard-working and dedicated to the growth of our firm. The Alberts Awards are based on sayings from our company’s second president, JC Alberts. Congrats to this year’s award recipients. We appreciate all that you do for our company!

Service Awards:

  • 5 Year Service Award: Gina Walton, Shelby Wedel & Margaret Boyer
  • 10 Year Service Award: Marc Stevenson
  • 15 Year Service Award: David Batts
  • 20 Year Service Award: Caron Stevenson-Herrin, Kristi Cox & Michael Lee
  • 25 Year Service Award: Frank Evans & Mark Maurer
  • 30 Year Service Award: Dan Rowland & Dan Birke

The Alberts Awards:

  • “Make Your Client Lazy” Award: Aaron Becker
  • “Strain Hardening” Award: Brian Nast
  • “One Step Behind the Leading Edge of Technology” Award: Crystal Richey
  • “Give It to the Busiest Person” Award: David Wise
  • “Travel is a Privilege” Award: Faith Edwards
  • “CASCO Culture” Award: Nathan Ramsey

It’s a Team Sport Awards:

  • “Triple Crown” Award: Mike Sundermeyer
  • “Rookie of the Year” Award: Abby Hughes
  • “Silver Slugger” Award: Kristen Mack
  • “Gold Glove” Award: Frank Evans
  • “Manager of the Year” Award: Tom Grassi
  • “Most Valuable Player of the Year” Award: Vinoi Skaria

We’re thankful for all our employees who have made this an amazing year of growth, and we’re looking forward to what the new year brings!