Congrats Rachel and Manuela!

Congratulations Rachel and Manuela!

An accomplishment of a college degree is a significant achievement, and we are excited to recognize two! CASCO + R|5 would like to extend a sincere congratulations to two of our most promising designers, Manuela Macias and Rachel Stotler, who recently completed their Masters of Architecture from Southern Illinois University Carbondale.

Rachel Stotler received her undergraduate degree in Architectural Studies from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign prior to earning her recent M. Arch. from Southern Illinois University Carbondale. After interning for CASCO + R|5 during her studies, she joined us full-time as a Designer and has been a part of our team for over three years. Rachel has a sense of creativity and an eye for detail that are invaluable during all phases of a project’s design.

Manuela received her B. Arch from Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana in Medellin prior to receiving her recent M. Arch. from Southern Illinois University Carbondale.  As a Designer, she specializes in making the client’s spatial vision come to life.  Manuela’s diverse design background has been invaluable in the recent rebranding of CASCO + R|5, our R|5 Design Agency and the completion of multiple architectural and design projects.

Both Rachel and Manuela are proficient in a variety of creative visual medias providing CASCO + R|5 with more than just a competitive edge.

Hats off to our graduates, Manuela Macias and Rachel Stotler. It is our great privilege to know you, to watch you grow into your professional careers and stand witness to all you have achieved.