Mr. Cassis

In the late 70’s, Mr. Cassis decided to either sell or wind down the company. In June of 1980 the assets of Cassis Associates were acquired by six of its employees and the firm was relocated to 10820 Sunset Office Drive in Sunset Hills, MO. James C. (JC) Alberts, P.E. became the company’s President, and its other “Principals” were James G. Govaia, P.E., James C. Tegethoff, P.E., Paul J. Huber P.E., Ralph R. Shaw, R.A. and Paul R. Doering.

Initially, light industrial remained the firm’s focus. One of the first large scale projects built under this new management was a corrugated paper box plant in Georgetown, Guyana, South America for the Guyana Liquor Company, a project complete under very challenging conditions. The Principals of the company took turns rotating at the job site to make sure the construction was completed correctly, usually for two weeks at a time, supplying the workers of Guyana with the knowledge and tools necessary to complete the job. Meanwhile, the company was also completing its first projects for a small retailer that would soon sweep the United States, Toys ‘R’ Us.

J.C. Alberts graduated with his B.S. in Architectural Engineering from the University of Kansas in 1971, and obtained his Master of Business Administration degree from Southern Illinois University in 1977.  Seeing an enormous opportunity, J.C. would apply CASSIS’s national capability to a segment that was served only by a fragmented and locally focused architectural community at the time, retail store development.  The firm would pioneer prototype development and adaptation as a construction document preparation process.