S. Aleksandr Malinich

Aleksandr Sasha Malinich

Aleksandr is Director of Design for CASCO, as well as Co-Founder & Design Principal of R|5 Design Agency. He leads a talented team of like-minded creative individuals, striving to better our clients’ lives and brands through meaningful design, creating societal value beyond brief and client. Coupled with life experiences, extensive global travels and multi-cultural studies, his expertise has allowed him to excel in the areas of architecture, interior, furnishings and product design.

Aleksandr’s greatest passion is bringing innovation to our clients’ brands. Drawing inspiration from architecture, light and nature, Aleksandr conceives and tailors signature environments for each specific client.

Throughout his 30-year career, Aleksandr has designed large-scale retail centers, specialty boutiques, corporate and creative workplaces, as well as fashion showrooms and restaurants for influential commercial brands and celebrated chefs worldwide. His work has garnered numerous awards from professional organizations and have celebrated in publications throughout the world.