Manuela Macias

R|5 Design Manager

As the Design Manager for R|5 Design Agency, she specializes in making the client’s spatial vision come to life. Manuela has a diverse design background, which contributed to the branding for R|5 Design Agency and the completion of multiple architectural and design projects.

Manuela is proficient in a variety of creative visual media that allow her to express her unique ideas in an original yet practical manner.

Before her work at R|5 Design Agency, she was involved in publishing and editorial design, which broadened her design ability and knowledge, empowering her to create innovative content and compositions. Previously, she was part of a small architecture firm abroad that allowed her to gain experience from the initial design conception to the completion of the final piece.

Along with her passion for design, she shares a love for animals, which enabled her to establish pet-friendly Fridays at R|5.