50 Urgent Cares and Counting

Urgent Care Industry Hits $18 Billion in 2018 with an average growth rate of 5.8 percent.CASCO + R|5 partners with  Midland General Contractors on the design and development of urgent care centers across the U.S.

Urgent care lobby

To date, we have provided civil engineering, mechanical/electrical/plumbing/structural engineering, architecture and design services on 50 locations with many more in the pipeline. Together with Midland, CASCO +R|5 provides a design-build solution with an integrated delivery system. This can reduce the delivery schedule and overall costs while ensuring a high quality and beautifully designed facility.

Urgent Care building front

(Forbes, February 23, 2018)

The $18 billion industry is expected to grow 5.8% in 2018, offering services beyond a typical primary care office,” the Urgent Care Association of America said in a new report on the industry’s facility and revenue growth, citing the move toward population health and value-based payment of medical care providers.

But there’s even faster growth among larger companies, according to a separate report by Merchant Medicine. Among top “independent operators”, growth last year was 11% as 1,688 centers opened in 2017 compared to 1,514 at the end of 2016. “The growth standouts were MedExpress, CityMD, GoHealth, Fast Pace, Premier, Urgent Team, MDNow and CRH,” Merchant Medicine CEO Tom Charland, who closely follows and consults with the retail healthcare industry, wrote in his January report.

MedExpress, which is owned by UnitedHealth Group’s Optum health services unit, opened 46 urgent care facilities last year. MedExpress grew by 23% to 244, Merchant Medicine’s latest tally shows.

By any measure, urgent care is becoming an increasingly popular form of healthcare delivery. Even more players are expected to enter the business in the coming years.